Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In #FascistAmerica

In #FascistAmerica there is more money for attacking the homeless and funding war profiteers than there are for education, or veterans. In Fascist America people are jailed for feeding the homeless, for being homeless and for needing to poop when they are homeless. In Fascist America corporations push around politicians, then politicians push around police, then police push around the poor, using coercion and incarceration to prevent the people from living free. In Fascist America you are more likely to be killed in a police shooting than in a terror attack, drastically more likely to be killed by police, who will not face any repercussions for their killings or brutality. In Fascist America begging, and digging through the trash are considered a crime, and people who have nothing are being singled out by law enforcement for special enforcement in violation of our constitution. In Fascist America it's a crime to be poor, and two thirds of our fellow americans live in poverty. In Fascist America if you are poor, the upper crust would rather you die.