Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Abandon fear

Why is it we live in fear?

Fear of condemnation, because our views are rejected by those who don't agree, or fear of attack, being singled out and hurt by others because of our feelings and expressions.

We are sensitive, we are feeling, we are concerned about our affects on those who are a part of our lives, we know that they can accept our expressions or reject them, we know that what is right for us can be wrong for someone else.

That sensitivity, that concern can prevent our expressions, it can keep is quite when we really have a lot to say, because we fear that we may hurt others, or that they may reject us for our views and feelings.

So please, please accept those people in your life who have enough bravery to express themselves, accept their views as their own, and hear them out, weigh the words they speak and consider the feelings that arise.

Maybe if our world finds a way to hear each other, to accept differing views and feelings, we can find solutions which will work for all of us.

Be brave enough to speak, also be brave enough to genuinely listen.

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