Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Open your eyes

Open your eyes, see what you can't look at.

See past the color, the class, the gender, to the person there, they were born to parents too, they eat food too, those people poop too.
In fact they are more like you than unlike, the person who you can't even see, the person who you purposefully look away from is almost exactly like you.

It makes it hard to see that person, the poor person, the handicapped, the person of color, it's hard to see them, when you think "I could be in their position." "That could be me." It's tough to relate to a person when you don't want to understand them, knowing you already do.

So I challenge you, the next time you have the chance, engage with that person, connect with them, even if it's just looking them in the eye and smiling.

Human connection is what life is about.

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