Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Human rights violations

Let's think of each other as humans, at least during this season.
At least during this season, where we celebrate the moving through the darkest part of the year, let's think of each other as humans.
Humans who eat, sleep and poop, humans who share common needs, and have common basic desires.

We share this one world, we have, or have not, according to our willingness to see the needs each other have, and see them as being worthy of being met, our ability to be uplifting to our fellow humans is the measure of our character, we see ourselves as worthy of more than the guy living down by the river under a bridge, we somehow raise our own needs above the needs of others.
By doing this we are able to accept the lack in others life as their just deserts.
Saying in essence, it's their own fault, even when we understand that our economy is rigged, and always has been.

Somehow we have been convinced that any person who has less is worthy of less, then we even go so far as to outlaw the behaviors that the poor MUST have, daily.

For instance sleep, the ability to sleep is one of the most important rejuvenating acts, you must sleep, or you will go insane, and yet, when you have no home, the ability to sleep the night is not guaranteed, and is often outlawed, police regularly raid homeless camps in predawn, SWAT style raids, heavily armed and violating all sorts of rights, human, civil, and universal, but when you are poor, no one stands up, once knocked down, you cannot stand against law enforcement, you have no safe ground to retreat to, you are always vulnerable.

Police profile the poor, they single out the homeless and ticket the same person over and over, even when no jail time or community service has "reformed" the person, they continue with enforcement, it's the only tool they have at hand, unless they resort to rights violations... If they are willing to violate the rights of the most vulnerable, then they have the ability to end the revolving door of the court and jail systems, if they are willing to violate rights, they beat you, false arrest you, wake you every night, many times per night, and lets face it, the cops are willing to violate the rights of the poor.

They know that there will be no recourse, no one will stand up for their rights, the poor are downtrodden, and the police know it.

Now, today, this moment, consider standing next to a person who is being oppressed, consider who stands with the poor, think about how you, as a human, can positively affect the life of a person who you know.

At least during this season, see the humans who are down, even if your needs are so great, that you cannot help, at least during this season see your fellow humans.

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