Sunday, December 13, 2015

Change begins with unity.

Seriously, the change I see in this crazy world, is a thing that begins as a unity movement.


Choosing to band together, to face the dangers and fears the world presents us with, and say I have comrades, I am not alone, we are strong enough to get through this, we are going to win.

The strength we gain by uniting is the strength which is multiplied by it's self, the synergy which creates a wave overcoming any obstacle, in a way that no single drop could, overwhelming.

This unity, this bonding and strengthening is what we require to take the next step, to overwhelm the oppressors, to gain so much strength through unity that our comradeship can jointly walk away from the chains that our modern world considers progress, and instead pursue a future which can offer health, happiness and sustainability.

Our kleptocracy, our fascist america has drawn a clear line, a line which divides the people who see a sustainable future, in which all people share the potential and the future is of shared liberty, of shared resources, of a shared earth.
On the other side, private property laws make the very act of living without property a crime, to exist, to eat, sleep or poop is not guaranteed, you don't have the right to the every day human functions necessary to living, you have to pay, pay to eat, pay to sleep, pay to poop, your human functions are a commodity, a thing of value, which the wealthy buy, sell and profit from.

The world cannot suffer the oppressors any longer, the world is ready for a shared future of health and happiness, the world has been calling for an uprising, a unity movement in which our dedication to future generations drive our ethics, and productivity is measured by our ability to provide for a generation which hasn't been born.

Can we figure a way forward?
Is this a unity movement worthy of overwhelming dedication?
How do we turn our good will towards each other?

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