Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Forward thinking.

For just a moment, if you will, engage in some forward thinking with me.

We as forward thinking people, can recognize the direction our society is heading.
We see how the planet exists on a thin margin in space, we know that a Cinderella zone , a thin band of light, and land which has allowed is this awareness.
We know that our shared future is looking dark, because of the consumer ways of our culture.

We as rational beings, know, we know that there is a path forward, we know that our ability to use logic and reason can in fact pull us back from the edge, we can move forward towards a future of health and abundance.

Our ability to see the importance of each person, each animal, each plant, our ability to lift each other up, to see the vital needs of each being as a cause worthy of investing ourselves in, regardless of class, race, or gender, seeing each person as a being who has a vital role to play in our shared future.

How do we find this way forward?

How do we face the people in our lives with the intention of progress for all?

How do we choose to survive?

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