Friday, December 18, 2015

Double standards

Let's talk about poop. 💩💩💩
It's a real thing, each person who you know, poops.
It's part of the human condition, and our society has a serious double standard when it comes to poop.

If you are a homeless person pooping can become a crime, you can't poop at home, and those "restrooms for customers only" signs, they are up there for us, the people who need to poop, but don't own a toilet.
So get this, people poop wrong, they poop in bushes or boxes, or buckets or bags, really, when the time comes, you are going to poop no matter where you are.

So you poop at home, with your favorite brand of tp at hand, and some choice reading material, you pay your bills so that you have the right to poop in comfort and ease, and once that poop is gone, down the hole, along the pipes and tubes through your town or city, it winds up in the care of a your municipal sewage treatment plant, where depending on your town it is processed and released into a local water way, or some in some cases it's treatment is sufficient that it can be reused.

And this is where the double standard comes in, those municipal water treatment plants, occasionally, pump millions of gallons of poop into your local water ways, and no one gets jailed.
When the municipality or corporate treatment facility poops, on a massive level, it's settled with fines, offenders pay their fine, then often repeat the same behavior, or never pay the fines and end up in court attempting to escape any responsibility.

You see, everybody poops, and the double standards about poop, are shit.

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